Our history

In 2002, though Aline had already seen her work published with companies like Fleurus, Chantecler and Hemma, we decided to create our own publishing house, one that would resemble us.

A happy house, devoted to its authors and to projects rich in meaning and reflection.

Since we started out as a small publishing house with just five books to our catalogue, we figured that distributing to bookshops would be ineffective. So we began by setting up shop at book fairs, to establish a link directly with our readers. Soon after, this link was further strengthened when we created our web site.

We followed the premise that if our books resonated with people, they would find their place, naturally. (By contrast, if they were relevant only to us, the project would last no more than a few months.)

Today it’s 14 years on, and we’re still here.

We’ve now published the work of about 40 authors, and have close to 100 projects in our catalogue.

Four of us manage the daily running of the publishing house onsite: Aline, Albert, Serge and Dominique.

Now we’d like to bring our project to other countries, to share and exchange our points of view with the rest of the world.

If our story resonates with you, maybe we can share paths for a stretch of the journey?